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AppScooter isn't simply electric - it's Better in Every Way.

Range up to
0 to 45 km/h in
3.3 sec
Fits a full Beercrate
65 liter

cockpit with touchscreen and handlebar controls

The First Scooter in the world to safely run Android Apps with Handlebar Controls.

70% of people use their smartphone while driving, resulting in a 160x higher chance of traffic accidents. Keeping your phone in your pocket and your hands on the handlebars at all times is hard work these days. We want to make it easier and a lot safer for you.

With AppScooter's handlebar controls, you can control your Android or iOS phone through Bluetooth, answer calls, stream music and control navigation and other driver-friendly apps on the 7" touchscreen. When driving we prevent intrusive notifications and only enable driver safe controls. We help you focus on what's important through our integrated smart camera detection systems and various connected sensors. When standing still and it's safe, you can use the 7" touchscreen's full functionality.


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Get where you want to go. Turn-by-turn navigation using built in GPS. Save locations and look up public charging points.

Stay Connected

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Connect your phone with Bluetooth to answer calls, sync your agenda and receive notifications when safe.

Play Music

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Listen to your favourite tunes using the app you prefer. Have the controls at your fingertips.

Capture your journey

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Take photos and videos with one of the AppScooter’s two cameras, and share them using your favorite Social Media apps.

OTA Updates

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Stay up to date with over-the-air updates that include new features. While you are sleeping, AppScooter continues to improve itself.
Smart Service

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Stay on the road with AppScooter’s smart service. Get notifications and plan on-location preventive maintenance.

Modular battery pack

Choose the range that you want - up to 400km.

AppScooter is the first scooter in the world with a completely modular battery pack. It has the capacity to fit up to 6 battery modules, giving you the choice of a range from 70 to 400 km on a single charge. The modules are packed with commercial automotive grade Lithium-Ion cells from Panasonic to ensure efficiency and reliability, taking you wherever you need to go quickly and safely. Not sure how many modules you need or worried that your living situation may change? No problem, up- or downgrade your range on demand whenever you want and we will come to you and install or remove the battery modules that you requested.

3 battery modules selected,
max range at 25km/h is 60 km.

Efficient drivetrain

0 to 45 km/h in 3.3sec. First off the line, every time.

Our entire drivetrain has been designed and engineered to be as compact, light and efficient as possible. The lightweight swingarm is perfectly balanced, making the ride very comfortable, even on cobble stones. When you slow down all that energy doesn't go to waste; as soon as you release the throttle the motor starts acting like a generator, putting some of that valuable energy back into the batteries. With some practice you'll be able to ride without unnecessary braking.

Whether you want to get where you're going quickly or prefer enjoying the scenery, we have a motor option to suit you. It has a synchronous permanent magnet motor that was precision engineered by Dutch experts. You can choose between a 2kW, 4kW and 7kW motor. Of course you'll want to be able to slow down as quickly as you speed up, which is easily done with AppScooter's front and rear hydraulic disc brakes.

select your motor speed

Huge Seat storage

65 liter storage space. Fits a beer crate, 2 helmets, a tennis racket or 2 large grocery bags.

With 65L of storage space, you can fit anything from a beer crate to two large grocery bags under your seat. Apart from being huge, the storage space is lit automatically when the seat is opened. You can even keep your food cold or hot with the optional 'Buddy Cooler' and 'Heated Delivery Buddy' add-ons. And yes, it fits two helmets too. 

In the front, there is a dual glove compartment with a built-in USB charging point to charge your phone and enough room for decent a 0,5 liter water bottle.

Comfortable for two

Comfortably travel together. Designed for the safety and comfort of two people.

AppScooter was designed to be safe and comfortable for both rider and passenger. The cushioned seat is long enough to avoid having that awkward conversation with your friend about them sitting too close to you. Fold out footpegs offer the passenger a spot to firmly place their feet, while the safety grip allows the passenger to hold on in several grip positions. In short, AppScooter offers a ride that can be enjoyed equally by rider and passenger. Did we mention the seat storage fits an extra helmet for your plus one? And with the heated seat option, their butt will also be kept warm on those colder days.

lightweight aerospace Monocoque

Super smooth, 5x stronger and extremely durable with our high-impact resistant composite frame.


Being glass fiber filled, the materials used in AppScooter's shell are at least 5x tougher than plastics found in ordinary scooter panels. This combined with the fact that the monocoque is a lot thicker than conventional panels make it highly scratch and impact resistant and close to indestructible in an ordinary crash. The monocoque is also stiffer than a steel scooter frame, which further improves the AppScooter's handling.

Ok, I want one!ACCESS Configurator


Easy to park, great to corner and fun to ride. This is scooter riding as it should be.

With its lightweight frame, low center of gravity and 45 degree steering angle, the AppScooter is extremely easy to maneuver at high or low speeds and a breeze to park. The well-balanced suspension makes the ride comfortable even on cobblestones. Smart software even adjusts the throttle when roads get wet so you don't have to worry about slipping. With AppScooter you can enjoy the journey and arrive well-rested.


Charge at home/the office with a 6 meter cord, or charge the removable battery pack inside. 

The AppScooter comes with a 6m charging cord, which allows you to charge it anywhere. Live on the third floor without an elevator? AppScooter's battery is removable so you can charge it wherever you want using a standard wall socket.

fully customisable

Make it your own. Choose the color that fits your style. Available in countless color combinations.