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aka. 'the Dutch Tesla on Two wheels'


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Market: Start in Netherlands and Expand Globally

global scooter sales & figures

Old petrol scooters can be up to 2.700x as polluting as a small delivery van.
There are 1.000.000 scooters in the Netherlands alone.
That more than 77% of these were built before 2011 and are considered old by law.


in worldwide
annual scooter sales
*research based est.


2-wheelers sold annually worldwide


of EU petrol scooters will likely be banned in the next years
*extrapolation from NL

The Netherlands has the highest number of scooter owners per 1000 people (in EU).

Amsterdam banned all petrol scooters built before 2011, starting in 2018.

The Dutch government accepted a motion to phase out all 1M petrol scooters.
This is in expectation of upcoming EU laws, meaning the rest of EU will soon follow.


with scooters today

Extreme pollution

Existing petrol scooters are
up to 2700x as polluting
as a modern van.

Bad Engineering

We found that Range anxiety is a big concern for eScooter adoption. Current ranges are 3x too low for optimum sharing utility.

Short range

Most electric scooters have low build quality, little sex appeal and are not out-of-the-box compatible for sharing.


biggest cause of traffic fatalities

70% of people use their smartphone while driving.

Smartphone usage while driving can result in a 160x higher chance of (near)-crashes.

After declining for 4 decades, traffic fatalities rose by 8% in 2015 due to this.

The USA is already developing legislation to decrease traffic fatalities from smartphone usage while driving.



Modular Battery with up to 400km of range
3x Further than next best in the world*

65L fits a full Beer Crate
with 3x Larger trunk*

0-45km/h in 3.3 secs
Fastest in the market*

1st in the World to
Safely run Apps*

*to our knowledge

Prevent Accidents

with handlebar controls

Keep your phone in your pocket and use handlebar controls to stream music, control calls and safe, throttled notifications.

Navigate with built-in GPS & your favorite navigation app or explore cities with social recommendation apps like TripAdvisor.

The first & only scooter we know of, that is 100% shareable out-of-the-box with 4G, GPS and electronically controlled locks.

Minimize Distractions
Speed restricted interface access
Keep hands on handlebar controls
Keep your phone in your pocket
Active Safety
Traffic monitoring with cameras
Distraction detection with selfie cam
Notifications only when safe

Keep your hands on the handlebars and your phone in your pocket.
At all times.

Bolt Factory

First Production Line

AppScooter® is designed for automated manufacturing, with 3x less parts and a modular architecture. We use an Assemble-to-Order strategy focused on building sustainable competitive advantage in-house.

Start of Production in Q4 of 2017
Production capacity of 30k-100k units per year
Production line to be located between Amsterdam and Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

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Successfully closed €3.1 million on 13-October-2017

Current Investors in Bolt
We have built an active network of industry specialists and 50+ angel investors with decades of experience ranging from tier 1 automotive production and composite technologies to online marketing, legal and finance.

‘The Bolt Mobility approach is revolutionary and therefore game changing.’

- Edwin Berkhout / Dutch VC / Composites & Sustainability

‘I'm very optimistic about the future of Bolt, that is why I put money in it, and I'm willing to put in more money.’

- Anas Fawzy / Angel Investor in Bolt

‘Communication to investors is timely and transparent’

- Ian Zein / Angel Investor in Bolt