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Start of Production & Delivery Estimate

Late 2018

We are currently preparing to set up our first production line together with professional production partners and do all the testing required to ensure a reliable and premium quality automotive product. We are aiming to produce 30,000 to 100,000 AppScooters annually, each of which will meet the high standards that we believe you should expect from us. We want to eliminate the risk of recalls and therefore production must run extremely consistent before we will start delivering. We hope to have this all completed in 2018. We have looked at lead times of setting up these processes at comparable companies in our industry, and this should be feasible.
For your perspective, setting this all up and ensuring quality and consistency takes a lot more work than you might expect it to at first glance. It is a completely new product that comprises a lot of innovations, which causes a somewhat larger degree of uncertainty in terms of development time, even for the most seasoned of automotive companies. Our first delivery estimate when we started was way off. We have learned a tremendous amount since then, but are still somewhat reluctant in giving an exact delivery time. As it stands now, we expect to begin delivery late 2018.
AppScooter will be available for reservation worldwide (except for restricted list countries such as Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria).

Deliveries will be made in the order of the reservation list and the number of reservations we receive within a certain region.
Meaning the sooner you reserve, the sooner you get your AppScooter and the more friends you can convince to place a reservation, the earlier we will be able to start deliveries for your location! As soon as we have enough data we will provide you all with an estimated delivery roll-out for your region.

This is to ensure we can offer support & service for you locally. We need to train and equip people for this and need to be sure we can supply you with the fast response service you can expect from us. 
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Pro-active diagnostics servicing and roadside assistance.

AppScooter requires less service than a conventional petrol scooter. This is due to the fact that AppScooter is fully electric (no oil changes, replacement of fuel filters or spark plugs), and because it's built to last. We have engineered every part of it to be as maintenance-free as possible, with for example our drive belt with a lifespan of 80.000 km.

When you do need service, pro-active diagnostics make sure we can remotely identify any issue before it becomes an actual problem and schedule an appointment for you at a convenient location with one of our Bolt vans. With our modular design we can quickly change tires, upgrade battery modules, replace worn brake-pads, etc. and service and tune your Bolt® in record time.

The Bolt Service Van is equipped to do any service your AppScooter may need. From tire changes to battery module upgrades.
The man
The Man in the Van knows everything there is to know about AppScooter servicing, making each service a breeze.
The PLan
Get your AppScooter serviced on-location, whether you're at home or at work. Save time and never get stuck without transportation.